Best Website Designs

There are hundreds of well designed websites on the web, but what really makes them special? A mix of good features, usability, images and optimization are things that can make them so well designed. Here are some top designed websites and why they have done so well.

Firstly, the Apple website; the simplicity of the site, using the white background with the strong font and eye catching pictures is very effective. The site is easy to navigate, has loads of content and is fun to use.

The Role x website is a close second. The site is made up of flash which can have its disadvantages, but the interactivity on the site and the simplicity of use set it apart from other websites. The site is very easy to navigate and has everything you could possibly need from Role x.

The best automotive website of 2009 is TopTop Gear . The site is full of interesting content similar to the show. The navigation of the site is very easy to use and remember. The website has lots of the same humour and content as you would expect to find in the shows, which keeps the consistency up for the users.

With such a huge marketing campaign, the Compare the Market insurance shopping site was also voted in the public’s top websites of 2009. The site uses the colours that you would normally associate with the ‘Compare the Meerkat’ campaign and the site is very easy to navigate and it has clear links to specific sections. There are also many links to the popular Compare the Meerkat website.

Finally, not quite as exciting as some of the other sites, BBC News makes the top 5. The news website off the BBC is updated constantly to get the best news as quickly as possible. The different sections of the website are clearly found and easy to navigate. There is always a clear link to get back to the homepage. The site includes images and is well laid out so that your eye is drawn to the top stories.

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